Some Of Our Testimonials!

I needed recipes and I needed a lot of them FAST. Nothing out there matched what I needed until I found FPCR, I approached Karen and asked her if the system would deliver what I needed. She said no, but then proceeded to build what I had wanted into the system simply because I had asked for it, I needed it and she saw the long term benefit for the rest of her clients. I say clients because I have never felt like a “customer” I have always been treated like the most valuable asset to the business even though I am one of many clients the level of service I have received is unmatched. Anyone who needs to add the best recipes for their clients into their sales and value package should be using the system. I love it, my clients love it and they form an important part of my retention strategy.

Diet Coaching Academy

Luke Judge Diet Coaching Academy

As soon as I discovered Fit Pro Client Recipes I knew it would greatly benefit my clients to get them better results, and it has. Every week I send out great tasting yet easy to make recipes that will help bring them closer to their goals while adding value to my services.

Diet Coaching Academy

Ru Anderson Exceed Nutrition

Finally signed up to FitProClientRecipes.

If I am honest for a little while I wasn’t sure how it would benefit me. 2 minutes in and I am like a kid in a sweet shop, adding my logo to recipes, creating my first pack for clients and absolutely starving form the great ideas.

Highly recommend it, will save you the money in time let alone how professional and useful it is.

Diet Coaching Academy

Matthew Shield

FitProClientRecipes has added so much value to my services that i offer.
Clients love the recipe ideas i send them and i can make cookbooks for all kinds of people such as Vegans, Low Carb and Paleo!
It makes you look really professional with your own branded recipes.


FPCR is an absolute dream to use. Easy, understandable interface which is easily customisable for you and your members or clients. Recipes look and taste great and updated regularly to keep it fresh.
I’d thoroughly recommend FCPR to anyone looking to offer a better service and drive their business forward.

Mike Keith

Fit pro client recipes has been a god send!
Making meal plan has never been so easy for myself and my clients!
The macro breakdown is great as it tells you per serving.
But the best thing is that the meals are delicious!


I have used Fit Pro Client Recipes and have always been impressed by the quality of service and content that I have received. Offering a friendly and helpful service as well as always updating the content it has added value to what I offer.

Pete Woollard

Just about to give my clients a 10 days sugar detox plan. My 8 weeks kick start challenge all receive regular recipes. One of my clients is following a clean, wheat free, dairy free food plan. Paying clients getting a great service all with the help from Fit Pro client recipes… All this takes me around 10 minutes of my time every week!!!


Pretty awesome phone call just received!
I’ll be featuring as an expert in Women’s Running Magazine next month for “The Great Debate”, this months topic being Ultra Running.

Matt Southam

Karen… just a thank you for all the work you and everyone else puts into this group!!
I’ve just made another sale, so £1000 done for the week! All before 9am.

Joe WIlliams

I’ve used both the recipe system and the meal plans and the service has been second to none. It’s easy to use, fast and my clients are LOVING the meal plans. Any time I’ve needed something changed, it’s been done within a matter of a couple of hours.

I would highly recommend FPCR if you’re looking to add value to your business without adding extra hours or stress! Don’t hesitate for a second!

Rachel Watson @ Walk The Walk PT

Having this product has made my life so much easier! It meant I could provide a better more professional service and could easily go the extra mile for clients and they really appreciate it.
I highly recommend for any PT that wants to stand out from the crowd


fitpro client recipes has been awesome for my business over the last 6 months, it saves me hours and allows me to add awesome value to my business! Id invest if i were you!


Absolutely buzzing!! 2 new clients starting next week bring in just under £400, our second class fully booked & just waiting on a couple of payments bringing in another £500. I have a further two consultations next week & they both want our £400 programme. Things are really happening now. This is excitement. Persistence, belief & of course help from Karen are the 3 keys.

Daniel Reader

Thank-you for such incredible authentic resources Karen. I wish you continued success. You’re a rare type in this often fake industry.

Vicki Ede

I’ve gone from under 150 members nearly 200 & turnover has passed £100k a year.

Steve Dennis - Fitness Flex

The website is beyond amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I got. I love it. I can’t believe how much value it adds to my business. Just when I was feeling like I was beginning to burn out, I join this little GEM.

Padraic McDonagh

Really recommend this guys! I’ve got a complete new business happening.

Sarah Hogan
A really great service it has allowed us to move our business on a level.
Our clients really love the recipes and with so much choice the never get bored,
I would defiantly recommend it to all.
Thanks guys keep up the great work.
Craig Connolly
I have to say I find the recipes brilliant, they have so much choice and the ability to choose based on the dietary requirements makes it so much easier.
The breakdown of macros makes it a viable option for all to use as well.
A great resource for myself as well as my clients.
Pete Wright
Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll…
Hey all just wanted to give a big So Cal Shout-out to Karen Nadkarni Ruffle…
Not only is she an amazing client to collaborate with…
but she has the heart of a lion. With all the chicanery and unabashed scams you see in marketing and online I don’t think you could have found a more caring and honest person to deal with.
Sean Mysel

Amazing recipes and the site is really easy to use. I can design a pack of recipes for each of my PT clients and my boot campers really easily all designed with my own logo which makes it look like I have done all the work. My clients are loving the variety and the added value that I give them. This done for you programme is a must for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors who value their clients and want to add some extra value to their programmes.

Nicola Carless

An amazing tool for trainers, a detailed nutrition plan would normally take hours to work out and write it now takes minutes, well worth what you pay for it.

Effective Fitness

As a nutrition coach, making up meal plans is the most time consuming part of my coaching process. Fit Pro Client Recipes is the ideal solution, because it is so easy to make up a recipe book and meal plan from the website. Even better they have all macronutrient and calorie values calculated for you and the recipes are great. An absolute must for busy nutrition coaches

Neil Elbourne

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