Frequently Asked Questions?

Below are a few of the questions we have been asked regarding our System, if your question has not been answered please feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this another cookbook?

No – we know that’s the last thing you need! This is a system designed to support clients on a long term nutrition plan and will help you gain and retain more clients than ever before.

How do I get my weekly recipes?

Sit back and relax, we will add the new recipes to your profile each week for you. All you have to do is check in and click on the ‘latest recipes’ button.

Can I customise weekly meal planners?

Yes! Using our advanced BMR calculator you can select recipes perfect for the individual client based on their fat loss goals. You can select recipes that not only match their goals, but fit the nutrition system they are following too. Each weeks recipes are tasty, fit the client’s nutrition system and their macros for ultimate fat loss.

Can I calculate Macro Splits?

No need, the system does that for you! Each recipe has the macro split in gms and % already calculated. In V2.0 you can also use a slider to set you clients max and minimum macros.

What if my clients don't like the food?

With over 500 recipes per year and instant access to 80 recipes as soon as you join, there is something for everyone. Whatever their tastes, whatever the nutrition system.

Do I have to upload my logo to each recipe?

No! Just add your logo once to your profile and we will position it perfectly in every recipe for you. The one time set up of your profile will take less than 10 minutes too!

Can this make me money?

Yes! Not only will you benefit from better results with your clients and more referrals, with the Ultimate Pass & Ultimate Gym you can sell everything as your own. That’s your own branded recipe packs, meal planners, speciality packs, everything you need to set up your own nutrition business and create a residual income.

Can my clients log in to the system directly?

Yes they can! With the Ultimate Pass & Ultimate Gym you can create accounts for your clients too, so start signing them up! And with your own logo across the system, clients will see it as your own system.

Contact Karen@fitproclientrecipes.co.uk

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